Grand Teton National Park: Fun Things to Do!

“Ranger Roy, our kids love Yellowstone,

can the Grand Tetons even compare?

I’m not sure we should go,

What can our kids and family do there?”

With a smile and a wink Ranger Roy replied,

“Come on, Come on, I’ll show you a thing or two,

you can not imagine just what

the Grand Tetons have in store for you!”

Photo by Jessie Marie Studio

“Here you will find skyscrapers rising from the ground,

Teton Mountain Range

and rivers that have not been concrete-bound.”

“Racks not for dishes, or towels or hats,

Moose (Jessie Marie Studio image) sometimes can be found on Moose-Wilson Road, Oxbow Bend and Willow Flats. I've seen them at Moose Junction and I saw FIVE last year in Cascade Canyon.

Horses are great places to sit or sat!”

Camping and hiking and fishing a plenty,

don’t miss out on the Lake called Jenny!”

View of Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point. Take the boat across Jenny Lake to a short, steep hike to Hidden Falls (pictured below) and Inspiration point. Photo by Jessie Marie Studio

Hidden Falls by Jessie Marie Studio

“Ride the new bike trail through most of the park,

search for the animals just before dark.”

“Hike up a canyon chock full with cascades,

Cascade Canyon, accessible beyond Inspiration Point at Jenny Lake. Pika, Moose and waterfalls abound. The hike to Lake Solitude is long but worthwhile. Photo by Jessie Marie Studio

see the willow flats sunset as the light fades.”

Jackson Lake Lodge has the best seat in the house for viewing sunsets. Check out their expansive back porch and you will want to stay there every visit! Photo by Jessie Marie Studio

“Ride on a tram, or a raft or a boat,

Tram ride to the top of Rendevous Peak in Teton Village. Quite a ride and expansive views of the range and the town of Jackson. Photo by none other than Jessie Marie Studio

find a pika or a scraggly coyote.”

To learn about the Pika, read the great children's book: A Pika's Tail, by Sally Plumb. Photo by Jessie Marie Studio

“Discover some arches not made of gold,

get a massage if your feeling quite old.”

Soar with the osprey and eagles up high,

listen to the music, let the world pass you by.”

Get away from it all, just fill up your pack,

photo by jessie marie studio

stop and enjoy life with a yum yummy snack.

Clowns are in town at the rodeo,

campfire songs with dad’s banjo.

Come in fall to see the aspen and elk rut,

won’t be long till this park is your favorite.

Lake Solitude by jessie marie studio

Now I’ll ask you, “So what would you do,

if you went to the Tetons, How ’bout a clue?


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